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CED Connect

CED Connect is the new and most advanced platform for digital claims management. With CED Connect, everything that can be automated is automated. From checking the policy, establishing liability and the loss amount, the financial settlement, through to repairs and communication.

This leaves more time for you to pay personal attention to your customers. CED Connect is the new standard for anyone with the authority to settle claims, from insurers and underwriting agents to service providers.

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Connect Store

The various modules ensure that CED Connect is flexible and can be arranged to suit your own needs.

CED Connect Modules

Connect claims

The integrated platform for digital claims handling for almost all types of claims, from motor insurance, contents and property insurance, liability and travel insurance.

CED Connect Add-ons

Connect PORTAL

An unique, extremely user-friendly self-service portal which can be used by an insured party or intermediary to report a claim and to monitor the progress of the claims handling.

Connect HUB

Using useful interfaces, you can connect Connect Claims to your other client systems, such as your policy administration and financial administration.

Connect APPS

Mobile apps with which an insured party or intermediary can report a claim; they can then monitor the progress of the claims handling through status updates.


Fast and easy connection of Connect Claims to external data sources for, for example, fraud checks, risk management and compliance.

Connect CUBE

You will always have a real-time insight into your management reporting.

CED Connect services

Sourcing & Staffing

Services to outsource your claims management in full, or to expand your capacity demand temporarily and flexibly.

User support

Professional and fast support in using and managing CED Connect.

Data management

The most innovative data management solutions for managing, storing, bundling and accessing data.

Customer satisfaction

Immediate customer feedback at the most important touch points or decision points of the customer journey.

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With CED Connect you will live up to expectations. More than 70% of all claims are automatically settled.


CED Connect is responsible for an unprecedented increase in efficiency. The initial implementations have resulted in an improvement of 150% to 250% within the claims organisation.


With self-service functionality, speed and optimal communication, Net Promoter Scores (NPS) of + 50 are achievable.


CED Connect has demonstrably proven a reduction in claims. With absolute precision, the system determines cover, liability, the amount of a claim, fraud and recourse.

We anticipate that CED Connect will enable us to make huge strides in working efficiently and to intensify the experience of our insured parties at precisely those important touch points and decision points.

Ron Gardenier , Director UMG Assuradeuren

We will be managing almost 80% of the claims automatically using CED Connect. In many sectors, this is commonplace, although the world of claims management still had a long way to go - but they’ve finally got there! And by ‘automatically’ we don’t just mean a good input screen, but actual Straight Through Processing. This means that RISK is prepared for growth and for even faster claims handling.

Harm Vollmuller , Director RISK Verzekeringen

As soon as our customers notify us of a claim, 80% can be settled immediately. CED Connect is responsible for a substantial improvement in customer satisfaction.

Vincent de Vos , Productmanager Ditzo

Faster, better and more efficient, together with CED we effect the insurance of the future.

Tim Rijvers , Director DAK


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